It is common for people with dementia to lack enthusiasm and interest in holidays.

Caregivers may feel nostalgic over activities that their loved ones no longer understand or are able to participate in. Special traditions, such as decorating the house, lighting candles, or having company over for a meal may become too bothersome or dangerous to continue.

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The holiday season can disrupt routines that have barely been established. Changes to the daily schedule or the presence of new or many people around can upset people with dementia.

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Depression is common among the older population, and holidays can increase or compound feelings of sadness. The person with dementia may feel a sense of loss during the holidays. They may miss a loved one who they lost a long time ago, may not recognize the family around them, or may feel that someone is missing. Caregivers may also feel a sense of loss since their loved one is not the same as they were all of the holidays prior.

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