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When trying to find true love, it’s best to incorporate the Lord into your relationship. Here are some helpful tips Christian men and women should follow when trying to find that special one.

5.) Try Being Friends

The best relationships are based on friendships before everything else. Dating is about trying to get to know the other individual. Take dating slow. The longer you work on building a friendship, the more success you will have during the relationship.

4.) Talk to Each Other

While emotions may bring about sexual desires, couples should work on building strong communication skills.  Try talking about a wide range of topics including traveling, fashion, hobbies, politics etc. You never know what interests you both share. Also, use conversations to establish the limits you both want to set for your relationship.

3.) Try Dating With Other Christian Couples

Dating with other Christian couples can be a great experience. Engaging in activities with like-minded individuals can help maintain purity in your relationship as well.

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