By Scott Brown




‘Tis the season for voting guides… the season we greet one another with “Who are you voting for?” With the air wafting with political cheer and punditry and our churches buzzing with candidate conversations, let’s not forget the weighty significance of our role as individuals and as a church in this matter. In November, the American people are called upon once again to elect one of the most powerful political leaders in the free world.

 The next President of the United States will help shape the economic, foreign, domestic, and military policy of our nation for the next four years. He will command the United States military as commander in chief, he will execute the laws passed by Congress, and he will appoint judges to maintain liberty and uphold justice. The decisions that he makes may have far reaching implications, not only for our nation, but also for the entire world. Thus, it is no small matter for us to think biblically in casting our vote. And our duty is to seek, first and foremost, to honor God with our act of voting.


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