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Dorinda Clark Cole launches her beautiful clothing line just in time for fall.  The second from the youngest of The Clark Sisters, Dorinda can now add stylist to her long list of talents as she debuts her new fashion line. The clothing expresses the same fiery style as her singing style and will be sure to turn heads in the church. The clothing features colorful patterns, complimenting cuts and hats to match so you can feel and look blessed at the same time!  

We can make a lot happen…” These are the words the wonderful Dorinda Clark-Cole used to describe her new partnership with Terramina Collection to produce a one of a kind line of exquisite suits that are a true reflection of the DCC Spirit as well as the impeccable style of Terramina. We are pleased to introduce the DCC Rose Collection for Terramina.

For Dorinda, Gospel and Fashion are intertwined. The divine presence of God within Dorinda brings her music alive, just as her love of fashion and style are manifested through her designs with Terramina Collection. She is constantly inspired by clothes because how she looks on the outside is a reflection of the love for God she feels on the inside.

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