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We all know at least one man who thinks that a bar of soap meant to wash away the day’s collection of debris from their bodies should also be used on their precious faces. It’s time to get these very men on board with what we women know – a facial cleanser is the order of the day and beyond.

I asked a special group of men to share their thoughts on the products in this entry. It came as a complete surprise at how vocal ‘D,’ a tall, distinguished man of Italian descent with more than salt than pepper hair was about his likes and dislikes, but it should’ve been no surprise given his creative line of work – a package designer in his previous life. ‘D’ tested Zirh Mild Face Wash ($15, – a non-abrasive, fragrance-free mild foaming cleanser product created with chamomile lavender to remove dirt and excess oil. This is the perfect product for a man who doesn’t want a ton of lather and is gentle on their skin, but not ‘D.’ He thought…

“[It] feels almost like water and gave me the impression that I wasn’t using enough- even when applying more. [I was] disappointed with the lather effect once applied to face- felt the same as using a bar of soap. [I do] like the packaging and the size of the tube.” READ MORE.

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