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Many teachers are overworked and under-appreciated. A kind word does go a long way.

Speaking in positive ways opens up the lines of communication so you can work together to help your child succeed in school.

  • Open up communication with phrases such as “Can we talk about…?” Avoid criticizing and blaming the teacher with comments such as “You should have…” or “You must be mistaken.”

  • Make respectful requests, such “Could you send home the information about…” Avoid giving orders to the teacher by saying, “You have to…” or “You need to…”
  • Use kind words rather than fighting phrases. For example, “Please, could you…” and “Thank you for all you did,” go a long way in building a good relationship.

Believe it or not, your children’s teachers really do want to hear what you have to say. But if the first thing you do is criticize a teacher or complain that your child received a bad grade, you’re likely to put the teacher on the defensive.

Make sure to read our section entitled Pathways To Success for other tips.

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