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“So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.” Eph. 5:28   “A Loving Husband” Pt.2

(2) He should praise her and not criticize Her! A husband should praise his wife everyday! Start with an early morning kiss saying, “Honey, I sure do love you, you are special to me!” In a company of friends say, “This is my wife, she’s the greatest.” thank her for the meals she fixes, for being such a good mother and for taking care of the kids, your children are so blessed to have a good mother!” Tell her when she wants an opinion of her dress, “I don’t know if I like the dress the best, or what’s in it better!” Compliment her hairstyle! Yeah, I know it’s weave but it’s hers now. Tell her you wanna take her out tonight just to show her off  and many more ways to praise her! Praise her for her housework! You mess up what she does, eat her food, wrinkle sheets and don’t make up the bed! Pro. 31:30 “Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised”

Do not criticize her, especially in public or in front of the family or friends! Watch what you say and how you say it. So, husband love your wife above everything and anything in the world, you should praise her and not criticize her, but there’s a third thing.

(3) He should pay attention to her and let her know she is special! A wife knows when her husband delights in her! It makes a wife mad when she sees another woman getting attention! You should give your wife more attention than any other woman! She knows when her husband’s job or hobbies means more to him than she does! A husband’s failure to give his wife attention or failure to give his wife first place is contrary to the Bible! 1 Cor.7:33 says that a man is to “please his wife!”

Many wives are very offended by their husband’s lack of attentiveness! When the wife begins to talk, it is like a mechanism goes off inside the husband’s brain that says, Now is the time to turn up the TV, turn his eyes on something else or start trying to solve the latest problem at work! He may show his inattentiveness by just giving a blank look! But when it is his turn to talk, he not only demands attention, but expects her to remember every detail as if the entire conversation were permanently recorded in her mind! Give your wife attention just as you want her to pay attention to you! Eph. 5:26, the word “sanctify” means to “set apart for your attention.”   When a husband is preoccupied with other people, possessions, or activities, his wife doubts his love and becomes insecure! Wives will never be interested in you fame, wealth, or possessions until she has your attention! So, the husband should love his wife above everything and anything, he should praise her and not criticize her, he should pay attention to her and let her know she is special, and last:

(4) He should provide her a strong spiritual leader! Here are some marks of leadership a wife will look for in her husband: A) A desire to serve the Lord no matter what! She wants one that wont give up easy! His convictions are based on the Bible! B) She wants one that will stand for right and determination to follow his convictions! She wants a man, not a girlfriend!

Be an example of love and forgiveness no matter what! When a husband shows lack of interest in being a spiritual leader, his wife feels insecure and unable to place her full confidence in him! She may then seek spiritual leadership from others!


By Eric Brown