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“So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.” Eph. 5:28   “A Loving Husband” Pt.1

Here in this chapter, Paul is comparing the church to the relationship of husband & wife. It’s interesting to compare the church to the first bride in the Bible, Eve. She was taken from Adam’s side and Christ’s side was pierced for us on Calvary. She was formed when Adam was asleep, and when Christ was resting in death, the church was birthed! Eve shared Adam’s nature, we share Christ’s nature! Eve was the object of Adam’s love and care and Christ loves the church as well as cares for her!  Adam was willing to become a sinner because of his love for his wife and Christ was made sin because of His love for the church! Eve was formed and brought to Adam before sin entered the human family, and the church was in the mind and heart of God before the foundation of the world!  So, how should a Husband treat his Wife:?”

(1) He should love is Wife above everything and anything in the world! The husband should love God FIRST, and then love his wife as the most important person in the whole world! There are three essential kinds of love! Phileo which friendship love, best friend, love to be around them. Eros is a sensual and physical love, sexual love. Beware of this love, that it does not dominate genuine love! If she cannot render benevolent dues, you want nothing to do with her! And Agape, this is the word used here in Eph.5! * This is the kind of love a husband is to have for his wife! This is the very love of God Himself!

Agape love is a selfless and unselfish love, a giving and sacrificial love!  A love that does not seek anything in return! Instead of taking, it gives! This love is the kind that loves even if the person doesn’t deserve to be loved! It loves even if the person is utterly unworthy of being loved! You’ll love her even when she gains weight and exchange her physique motherhood. This is the kind of love that sends flowers, cards, etc. Just imagine what woul’d happen in most marriages if the husband so loved his wife; loved her with a selfless and unselfish love, with a giving and sacrificial love, loved her with a love of commitment as well as of affection! One thing that would happen in most marriages would be this, the wife would melt in the husband’s arms and willingly accept his authority as the head of the family!   Please note that the standard of the husband’s love is the love of Christ for the church! The love of Christ for the church can be described in one simple statement: Christ gave Himself for the church! He loved the church so much that He gave Himself, He sacrificed Himself totally, gave all He was and had for it! And this is the love that the Word of God says husbands should have for their wives!


By Eric Brown