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Known for getting the party started and showing the world “This Is How We Do It,” Montell Jordan is doing things a little differently these days .   He is currently a Pastor at Victory World Church in Georgia and has a passion for reaching the lost and growing a diverse family of Believers.  Between worship and music, Montell took a moment to chat with Frequency Inspirational.

How did you hear about the VWC?

My wife and I along with my family served at another ministry in Atlanta for many years before being released by God to find a new church home. We heard about Victory by searching online thru Google.

After your initial visit, what kept you at VWC?

I had been a part of the black church experience most of my life, so I found it refreshing and more “heaven-like” to interact, worship and serve with all types of people of different races and nationalities.

What areas of ministry do you work in?

I am a licensed minister with the ability to marry, bury and Baptize.   I enjoy all aspects of ministry including the development of the worship department at Victory, Victory World Music for the outside world and creating songs for the body of Christ.

Do you think God is avoided these days?

I think more people are turning to God than from Him. As the world continues to progress in the direction the book of  Revelation suggests, many continue to ignore God… yet I think church attendance and awareness of God is actually on the rise.

What keeps you committed to serving God?

There is nothing better.  I tried it the other way, and was never satisfied.

Who are some of your favorite Gospel Artists?

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