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Director Spike Lee has never been one to hold his tongue when it comes to matters of politics and race, and when he weighed in on President Barack Obama while sitting down with CNN’s Don Lemon, he stayed true to form, reports

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When asked by Lemon did he think the hype around the president was too intense, raising expectations to unrealistic levels, Lee emphatically agreed:

“Oh, yeah. He was the savior, black Jesus.” “I don’t care who it was,” he continued. “Expectations were way too high for what somebody can deliver, knowing how politics works and knowing that you have to deal with the Congress.” Lee then went on to criticize the Republican-led House as solidified in “Whatever you do, we’re blocking it. Every breath we take, we’re going to do what we can that you don’t get a second term. Bottom line. If it hurts America in the process, tough business.

See Lee’s comments below:

This is not the first time that Lee has compared the 44th POTUS to the Christian God’s son. In 2010, he said that it was “hard to be Jesus” and even though Obama couldn’t “walk on water,” people were still trying to “nail him to the cross.”

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See Lee’s comments here:

This isn’t to say that the “Red Hook Summer” director is completely indoctrinated into the Church of Obama.  When the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill wreaked havoc in the Gulf of Mexico, Lee had some choice words for “Jesus”:

“Before this catastrophe, our president was in favor of offshore drilling. And when this thing happened, he backtracked real quick. pauses I don’t know why Obama ever trusted these BP guys! They would lie to their mothers. Former BP CEO Hayward does not give a f*ck.

“Spike continued, “The thing we don’t talk about is that eleven Americans lost their lives and it took seven weeks to invite their families to the White House. I’m not trying to bash my man, but that’s a long time.

“If this oil spill would have reached the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard where Spike summers, Cape Cod, that sh*t would have been fixed. It’s this thing called environmental racism. Now, I have a summer home in Martha’s Vineyard, but I don’t got the political clout.”

Through it all, though, Lee has remained a staunch Obama supporter; yet, one who is not afraid to offer criticism when warranted.

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