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August 12th will mark the first year anniversary of the unexpected death of frequent TBN TV host and mega church pastor, Zachary Tims, who was found dead in a New York City hotel room under suspicious circumstances. His former wife and mother of his four children, Riva Tims, pastor of the Majestic Life Church in Orlando, FL, continues to rebuild her life and create a new one for her children without their father.

Their story reads like a movie. She was raised in an upper middle class home, was active in church and was a virgin when they met at a Bible school where they were both students. He was a former drug dealer who had cleaned his life up and pursued the ministry with passion. They married and moved to Orlando with no money and started a fellowship. Their first service had six attendees in 1996 and the church became very connected with the local community, boasting job fairs for the unemployed, aiding the congregants in purchasing homes and feeding the hungry. The fellowship struck a nerve in Orlando and membership swelled to 8,000 worshippers over the next decade.

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Just before Tims’ died, Riva Tims had finished writing a book entitled, When It All Falls Apart: Finding Healing, Joy and Victory Through Pain (Charisma House), which was revised after his death and released this past spring. The book details the miraculous journey that she and her husband made together for the sake of ministry, how her marriage fell apart because of his year-long dalliance with a Paris woman, the other extramarital affairs that led to their divorce, the mysterious circumstances surrounding his sudden death and how she triumphed over the emotional depression this whole episode brought upon her. As this tragedy has unfolded, Riva has leaned on God and forgiven all of those who played a role in this tragedy. She now feels especially equipped to minister to others who have gone through similar situations and the church she founded, Majestic Life Church, has become a social shelter for hurting and ever-healing people.

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