Treating the scene as if it were an archeological dig, Harris County Medical Examiners And Forensics experts sifted through dirt and rock at a construction near Memorial Park site Thursday.

So far they’ve unearthed human rib bone fragments and other skeletal remains.

Houston Police Department Sgt. Richard Rodriguez says he believes the remains are from the victim of foul play: “From what we have, it looks like only one body. More because of the placement of the bones because they were underneath the slab and up against a cement retention wall, so because of that I’m not leaning towards a burial site, but I’m not ruling that out either.”

And that reasonable doubt has Sgt. Rodriguez curious. He says someone has already called claiming a family member went missing near the construction site around 1981.

Jim Carlson once lived in the Park Memorial Condos and has been in this neighborhood for twenty years.

Now it’s the site of this grisly discovery.

He’s however, not surprised by this week’s findings of human remains, stating that before condo complex was built, the land was once the site of cemetery. Carlson says during construction in the 1980′s he saw construction workers discover several remains all the time: “…so I thought well, this was just another one they had missed. But I guess the police don’t think this had anything to do with the cemetery.”

Investigators will be checking all possibilities as they continue to dig for answers and get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the human remains discovered this week.

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