Myia Natrice Cole (pictured) of Tulsa, Oklahoma has been arrested and is being held on a felony child endangerment complaint after her baby was found in the middle of a road, NewsOne6 reports.

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Cole reported her 11-month-old infant son missing on Saturday night. When an officer arrived at Cole’s residence, he noticed that she and the other parent were “extremely intoxicated.”

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The officer also wrote in a police report that the parents were so drunk that they could not provide information on where they think the child could be. Police did find a witness who said she picked up Cole near North Frankfort Avenue in Tulsa. When police drove back to the location, they found a child’s car seat facing down in the middle of the avenue. When an officer lifted the car seat, the baby was still inside. He was dehydrated, but OK otherwise. The child was placed in the custody of the  Department of Human Services.

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Clyde Jackson, one of the parents, was not arrested in the case. But, he reportedly was just released from jail on Friday on an unrelated case.

Here is more on this story:

Cole also had warrants out for her arrest for court costs in three other felony cases — possession of paraphernalia, failure to comply and escape from a penal institution — and in a misdemeanor public drunkeness case.

According to the Tulsa County jail website, Cole is being held on $25,000 bond for child endangerment, and the court costs in the other cases total $7,965.34.

In Oklahoma, a felony child endangerment conviction carries punishment not exceeding two years in the state penitentiary and up to a $1,000 fine.

You know a baby has a bad start in life if his parents are too drunk to realize that they left their kid in the middle of a road! Let us hope that the baby will be put in the care of caring adults while his mother learns how to be a responsible parent.

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