Marquita Burch of  Cincinnati, Ohio stands accused of killing 1-year-old William Cunningham while she was babysitting him, WKRC 12 reports.

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Burch has been charged with murder, involuntary manslaughter, two counts of endangering children, abusing a corpse and tampering with evidence in the baby’s death. According to the Hamilton County Prosecutor, Joe Deters, the boy died of “subdural hematoma, or a collection of blood on the brain.”

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Deters said that Cunningham was injured on May 22 and died the following day. The baby would have likely lived had he received medical treatment, the coroner said.

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Here are more details on the story, as reported by WKRC 12:

Instead, according to Prosecutor Deters, Burch put the child in a garbage bag after he died, and took the corpse to her cousin’s house on Friday, May 25th. She then reported the child missing to the police in Covington, Kentucky. Covington Police started a massive search for the supposedly missing baby.

On May 26th, Cincinnati Police recovered the baby’s body in the cousin’s home.

If convicted of all charges, Burch faces the possibility of life in prison.

Burch previously claimed that the boy was accidentally injured in a fall on some steps. In her initial arraignment in May, Burch’s lawyer Eric Gustafson said his client told him she gave the boy some ibuprofen after his fall. She claims when she checked on the boy the next morning, she found him dead.

After reporting him missing, Burch told Local 12 News in an interview that William was her nephew. She said she arrived at the City Heights Housing Complex and went into an apartment to get some clothes. When she returned she claimed William was gone.

“He was at the park with the kids. I got out the car, we came down the side panel right here and I watched him go toward the kids. I just went upstairs to get some clothes, when I came back it was kids everywhere. There was kids going in the woods, there was kids at park over there getting wet, kids at the basketball court when I came back out I told the kids to go get him because we was about to leave and the little boy said he saw him walk over that way,” Burch said.

The boy’s mother, Kiara Carter, told WKRC 12 that “He was a loving boy. Everybody loved him. He always made you smile. He was a good boy I can’t believe somebody would do this to me. Not only did they take my baby they took my heart. He owned my heart.”

Burch is currently being held in jail on a half-million dollar bond.

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