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Hurricane season begins today June first, so get ready now before a storm forms in the gulf.  And a reminder, if authorities have to order an evacuation you must be prepared to get out.

Seabrook emergency management coordinator Jeff Galyean says if you live in a surge zone and are prepared to evacuate when a hurricane approaches you need to inform loved ones who don’t live with you that you will be leaving your home.

He says Texas has a mandatory evacuation law so ”when the Mayor orders an evacuation of the city, it is mandatory that everybody does leave.  You can be arrested and be placed in jail if you do not leave.  It is for your safety.”

Galyean says if you choose to ride it out authorities may not be able to save you “a lot of times when the flood surge comes in we do not have the ability to go out and rescue those individuals.  If we have to go out and rescue those individuals, they can be charged for the rescue.”

He says if you evacuate your home will be protected and you can replace your home, but you can not replace your life.

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