Crime Stoppers plans to offer the largest reward ever for an unsolved murder. The organization is reportedly offering a $200,000 reward, the largest cash amount ever in Crime Stoppers’ history. The murder of Gelareh Bagherzadeh remains unsolved and officials are hoping that the increase in reward money will lead them to details of the crime as well as the person who killed Bagherzadeh.

Thirty-year-old Bagherzadeh was driving through her Houston townhouse complex around midnight on a Monday in January, when she was shot dead through her car window, just yards away from her home. At one time Crime Stoppers offered $5,000 for information leading to the arrest of someone in connection with her murder.

Bagherzadeh was a known Iranian activist who would often speak publicly in efforts to promote Iranian women’s rights. She was also vocal in criticizing the Iranian government.

Police do not believe her death was related to her activism, although her death is mysterious and currently unsolved. Bagherzadeh was studying molecular genetic technology at the Texas Medical Center. An additional unexplained element in the case is the question of why Bagherzadeh turned her car onto a dead-end drive, in the opposite direction from her home.

A news conference is scheduled for Tuesday to discuss the increase in reward money. The family of Bagherzadeh including her brother, is scheduled to be present at the conference.

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