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Shanthi is an elephant who is musically inclined. When the elephant keepers at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo hear the sound of a harmonica, it’s not coming from a radio or from a man or woman who plays the harmonica. The music is being made from Shanthi, a 36-year-old Asian elephant.

The keepers provided the instruments after they noticed that Shanthi, took to making noise with objects. The elephant is known to use her trunk to cover anything with a hole in it and blow until it makes a sound. Shanthi is the mother of the Zoo’s 10-year-old calf, Kandula. Both Shanthi and her calf Kandula are Asian elephants, which are an endangered species. Asian elephants still live in the forests of south and southeast Asia.

Check out Shanthi playing her harmonica by viewing the video below:

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