A woman is accused of stealing credit cards from hospital workers. Published reports indicate that Robin Pamela Carmouche is charged with third-degree felony credit card abuse. Carmouche would reportedly pose as a nurse or hospital worker and then would steal the credit cards from other hospital professionals.

Carmouche, who has reportedly been called “relentless” by authorities, has been out every single day, victimizing other nurses, doctors, and other professionals within a hospital setting. According to authorities, after she stole a doctor’s credit card at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center last month, she used the card to spend $1,500 at WalMart and Target. Carmouche was identified by police on a surveillance video entering and leaving the stores.

She also reportedly used another person’s credit card for purchases at a Best Buy store. Investigators believe that Carmouche is working with others in the stolen credit card scheme. Investigators are working on the identity of the two men Carmouche was spotted with on surveillance video, leaving two different stores. Authorities are warning anyone who works in a hospital to be on high alert. Hospital professionals are being asked to keep watch of personal belongings.

Additional reports indicate that Carmouche has a tattoo on the top of her right hand and may be driving a dark colored Honda Prelude. She already has a criminal record that includes credit card abuse, theft, trespassing, failure to identify herself to a police officer, evading detention and fraudulent use of an ID.

If you have information that can help authorities in this case, you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at (713) 222-TIPS or simply call 911.

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