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The Mary Mary’s reality tv show on WETv is  giving television a much-needed look at the dynamics of family businesses and relationships.

It is refreshing to see real issues, without the focus on drinking, scandalizing others and gossiping. Make sure that you use Your Guide To Who’s Who On Mary Mary’s TV Show each week.

Last night we saw  Erica and Tina deal with two things that most of us deal with all the  time.

1- A business negotiation with  a relative can be complicated.

2- A change that affects you professionally can  often leads to hard lessons personally.

There was so much going on last night on the show. What did you think?

We learned last week that Erica’s pregnancy was nearing  high risk nd that a tour would cause her to deliver prematurely, risking both her baby’s health and hers. This decision forced the cancellations of tour dates. Mitch, their manager, was nearing a nervous breakdown this week. He had to deliver the  numbers and cents of the decision. Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars of a hard hit to be exact.  Understanding that this would mean a reduction of all staff salaries across the board, Mitch delivered the news to  their sister/stylist.  If that wasn’t enough of a hard hit,the Mary’s sister Goo Goo had a run in with Mitch over retainer versus raise.  Not receiving Mitch’s news well, Goo Goo walked out on their lunch meeting.

Here are some discussion points:

If Goo Goo were any other person, would  her taking a pay cut have been an issue? Did her being related to the Mary’s cause  stress and worries that could have been addressed amongst them privately?  Should Goo Goo have understood that being  a sibling did not exempt you from a  business decisions?

The second lesson of the night was in  how we go about dealing with difficult  professional decisions. We all have to make them. Sometimes they are not the easiest choices or decisions.  In the end the ladies realized that quality of performance and life  sacrificed if they continued with tour plans.  In the end,  Erica and Tina decided that for health reasons it would be better to cancel the tour and hit the road later, than risk a dangerous situation for the sake of doing something now.

How often do we think about the long-term over the right now?  What did you get out of last night? We want to hear from you.

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