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CLOSE – For the few people still tuning into this season ofThe Celebrity Apprentice, you know Arsenio Hall went on a tirade on last Sunday’s episode. He was going off about Aubrey O’Day. The former late night talk show host got all up in arms about the pop singer and her background in the industry. According to Celebrity Apprentice cast memberLisa Lampenelli, Arsenio’s tantrum was way worse than what made it to air.

Lampenelli called in to Broadminded on Sirius XM Stars claiming Hall called O’Day the c-word and got violent behind the scenes. As Lampenelli gave her account of events, she alleged Arsenio told O’Day he would “something something all over her face.” However, the only part of his outburst that aired was him saying, “I Googled her [Aubrey] and a naked picture with a gut popped up…f**k her!” Lisa Lampenelli says she was so shaken up by Arsenio Hall’s behavior once the cameras stopped rolling, she said something to the producers of the reality competition show. She said she hadn’t been this scared of anything in 20 years.

Arsenio Hall hasn’t made any statement regarding Lisa Lampenelli’s allegations. He probably won’t either. At this point, it’s all hearsay anyway. Do you believe Lisa Lampenelli’s story?