Reginald Adams is an artist known for his brilliantly colored tile mosaic and painted murals and sculptures which are found in some of Houston’s most historic and undeserved neighborhoods, but the artwork is created for more that one purpose.

“Our mission is to use art and creativity as a tool for educational enrichment, social awareness and community development. What all that means is we try to take the art into communities where otherwise kids and adults wouldn’t have access,” Adams told News 92 FM.

Adams, along with his wife, founded the non-profit Museum of Cultural Arts Houston (MOCHA). They’re goal is to bring the arts to children and adults who would otherwise not experience creating a wonderful and lasting artwork.

“Beyond just showing a group of children a work of art and having them think about it or reflect on it, we take pride on having those kids become co-creators in these public art projects”, Adams offered.

They create educational experiences where kids and adults work with Adams to create a work of art for their own neighborhood.

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