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Daniel Fast Blogger Susan Gregory gives us some helpful tips on how to prepare for our meals since they can not be pre-packaged!

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Food Preparation

You will quickly find that most of the prepared meals you find in grocery stores contain ingredients that are not acceptable for the Daniel Fast. Consequently, you will need to prepare most of your meals from scratch!

Meal preparation can take more time during the Daniel Fast, but you can also adopt some habits to streamline this essential part of your fasting experiences.

Meal Planning – Plan all of your meals for one week. Make sure you have all the ingredients you need along with snack foods!

Set a Cook Day – I frequently use Saturday as the day when I plan all my meals for the coming week and then cook several meals in advance. I make pots of soup, vegetable chili, chapatis and many other dishes. This saves me hours of time and lots of frustration in the coming week, plus it’s fun!

Salad Prep – I wash and trim all my salad ingredients as soon as I get home from the grocery store. I then store each item in a container for easy use later in the week. I can make a lovely salad in less than a minute because all the ingredients are already prepared!

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