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It’s a week of wedding planning advice for the newly engaged! If you’re one of those brides, we’ve created a blueprint for your first few steps.

So, you’ve identified your budget and you’ve created your guest list. Perfect! Your next step should be to invest in a wedding planner. Now, before you start thinking, “I can’t afford that,” let me explain why you can’t NOT afford it.

Planning a wedding is a big deal….a really big deal. It’s probably the biggest party you’ll ever throw. And you’re managing a big chunk of money. You want to make sure that you don’t make HUGE mistakes like hiring the wrong vendors or selecting the wrong venue or not having a concise wedding day schedule. In my workshops, I always tell brides to let the professionals do their job. If you have a leaky roof, you don’t crawl up there to patch it yourself. You find someone who performs roof patches for a living and knows exactly what they’re doing.

Ok…so let’s say you can’t afford to hire to hold your hand through the entire wedding planning process. Here are some ways to hire a planner on a budget:

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