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A mental cleanse is needed regularly! I would say once a month at the very least. What is a mental cleanse, you ask?

Just like we do a cleanse or a detox for our bodies, because of all of the gook and residue from fried foods, breads, and other delicious poisons… Our MINDS need the same break from all of the information that clouds our thoughts. We are bombarded with so much on any given day. If we take a moment to release some of the extra ‘mind clutter’, we’ll see an amazing difference.

You attempt to get some work done, but you get an instant message from your co-worker two cubicles down who is complaining about her husband again who cheats but she never leaves him anyhow….

How are you feeling now? Not too good eh?

OH…I FORGOT TO MENTION, it’s only 11:30am!

Does this feel even somewhat familiar? Well..start to think about your basic day- to- day interactions that shift your mood that you HAVE control over. What can you do to cut down or avoid these things, if even for ONE WEEK?


HERE ARE SOME BASIC TIPS TO START A MENTAL CLEANSE – You don’t have to escape to the mountains of Peru for a week, there are some things you can do right now to gain some peace of mind.

1. Start to check your email only 2xs a day. Don’t look at the phone for emails either!

2. Let voice mail do it’s job. If you answer the phone every time it rings you’ll always be on the phone and never get anything done.

3. Cut down on social media.

4. Stay away from gossip or negative people who try to bring you into their drama. See number 2. LOL

5. Do not watch or read the NEWS! Even for 2 days and see how you feel…

When you start to cut out the unnecessary distractions you’ll have more time. Use that to do call a family member you haven’t checked on in a while, write thank you letters to clients and mentors one day a week. In the next 4 weeks I want you to cut down on something a little bit more each week and see how you feel?

What will your ONE THING BE? Take a moment to think about it…

IT’S YOUR JOB TO MAINTAIN YOUR BOUNDARIES. Remember you train people how to treat you and respect your time. LEARN HOW TO AVOID MENTAL CLUTTER by doing a mind cleanse even a few days a week and you’ll see a huge difference in your life. You’ll become more effective and yes…happier!


Beware of the News!

Turn off the TV!

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Certified Law of Attraction Master Life Coach & Holistic Business Coach, Simone Kelly is the passionate visionary behind Own Your Power Communications. She encourages you to own your business and pursue a holistic lifestyle. Check out the Own Your Power community out and connect with like-minds here:

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