What does that mean?

HD Radio technology enables AM and FM radio stations to broadcast their programs digitally.

What is HD Radio Broadcasting?

Approved by the FCC as the digital broadcast system for the radio industry, the noise and interference that cause the static, hiss, pops and fades heard on today’s analog radios are virtually eliminated with HD Radio digital broadcasting.

HD Radio dramatically enhances sound fidelity – AM sounds FM-like, and FM rivals the quality of compact discs.

One of the most popular features of HD Radio Technology is the extra channels that you receive when you listen to HD Radio broadcasts. These extra channels are called HD2/HD3 Channels, and are located on the FM dial, adjacent to your long-time favorite stations. Your local radio stations are inventing all kinds of unique and fun to listen to HD2/HD3s Channels – everything from deep cuts, to classical, to new music formats, to in-language programming and hosts of other creative stuff

How Can I hear the Praise broadcast in HD Radio Technology?

To hear Praise in its purest, clearest digital form, you will need a special HD Radio Receiver or adapter  for either your car or home audio system.

Once you have an HD Radio Receiver, there are NO subscription fees. It’s FREE for consumers.

How do I get an HD Radio product?

Click here for a list of HD Radios.

Click here or here for a list of HD adapters for you existing radio

Click here for home HD radio tuners

HD Radio technology also provides us with the ability to send additional data such as song titles, artist and additional  enhancements.

HD Radio is the wave of the future and Praise is leading the charge

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