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One of the most shocking church scandals in Houston history began Thursday in the case of Pastor Tracy Bernard “T.B” Burleson who is accused of convincing his son to kill his wife, Pauletta Burleson in hopes of getting her life insurance money, valued at $60,000.

Now the twist begins here. The son William Fuller, 21, who is charged with shooting his stepmother is scheduled to testify against his father, because he was told that the murder would be in exchange for $2,000. Fuller has already admitted to the killing and said that he hated his stepmother because she was abusive, took his college tuition money, and made fun of him.

The defense however is suggesting that Fuller was planning to frame his father Burleson in the murder of his stepmother because of another woman in this case, Tyonne Palmer who became his father Burleson’s mistress after Fuller fell in love with her.

Palmer was Fuller’s caretaker to assist in his sickle cell anemia disease. The two had already been living together, but then Palmer got involved with his father and then after the shooting Palmer also became involved with Fuller. She was dating the father and son at the same time, according to the investigators reports!

Now Palmer is charged in this case as well with capital murder, plotting the shooting of Pauletta Burleson in hopes of marrying the pastor.  She is also accused of picking up Fuller after the shooting and helping to burn the weapon.

The 46-year-old Pastor T.B. Burleson of First New Mount Calvary Baptist Church faces life in prison without parole if convicted.

Details are still unfolding in this trial and we will keep you updated.


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