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As you all know from my last DIY Hair post, I’m a big fan of do-it-yourself beauty. I fell in love with applying nail decals two years ago when I picked up a pack of Kiss nail stickers at a local beauty store. The nail designs add pizzazz to your manicure even if you’re only wearing clear polish.

Today, I’m going to teach you how to expand your self-pampering with a great salon quality manicure that you can do at home.

Things you’ll need:

1.) Clear nail polish

2.) Nail hardener/Nail Buffer

3.) Nail Polish

4.) Nail decals

5.) Nail file

6.) Nail Bonder/Nail Glue

7.) Cuticle Remover

8.) Tweezer

Step 1.) It is usually best to primp your nails right after you shower since your cuticles have softened from the moisture, they’ll be easier to remove off this way. Once you’ve removed the excess cuticle carefully, buffer and file your nails to the shape you desire. Clean off the dust after buffering/filing your nails and go ahead and apply a base coat.

Step 2.) Base coat is your best friend when applying nail polish. They protect your nail from staining, especially if you are going with a highly pigmented color. As an option, for growing the length of your nails would be to use nail hardener to use as a base. Nail hardener’s come in various price points, but even the cheapest ones as well too.

Step 3.) After base coat (two applications) put on the color you wish to use, going from the sides first then painting towards the center of the nail. After applying one coat on each nail, do the same for the other hand. Once the nails have dried, repeat the step for a second round.

Step 4.) Before the last coat begins to dry, apply the nail decal/sticker you desire. Some nail designs have adhesive on the back where you just apply topcoat once completed. For others you must use Bonder which serves as the adhesive. Or you can sparingly use nail glue to keep your nail art in place. Tweezers are helpful to pick up the decals and place them on top of your fingernails.

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