Texas Education Agency Commissioner of Education Robert Scott wrote a letter to the North Forest ISD about the closing of the district in 2012. The four-page letter includes 18 pages of background material. Following are excerpts:

…The Texas Education Agency (TEA or agency) has determined that, when it releases ratings on August 1, 2011, both the North Forest ISD and North Forest High School will be rated Academically Unacceptable (AU), the district for the third consecutive year and the high school for the sixth consecutive year…These consecutive ratings, coming after the performance history discussed below, will require me to assign North Forest ISD a 2011-2012 accreditation status of Not Accredited-Revoked and to close the district effective July 1, 2012.

This order will annex North Forest ISD to Houston ISD…effective July 1, 2012. The order will notify you of the procedures available to the district to appeal its ratings and to appeal the order of annexation.

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