A home is probably the largest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. And the costs don’t stop with a mortgage payment – rising energy prices make it expensive to operate and maintain a home.According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), homes account for 21 percent of the energy used in this country every year, with an average annual utility bill of $1,767.

So it’s no surprise that a 2010 survey by the Shelton Group found that 64 percent of respondents were interested in owning or renting an energy-efficient home. If you want to make some energy-saving upgrades, here are things you can do to get greener while saving some green.

Locate and Seal Air Leaks

Reducing drafts in a home can cut energy use from 5 to 30 percent each year, and it makes the home more comfortable year round. Check to see if air is flowing through any of these places:

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