Family vacations are on the rise again and according to a recent Bing/Impulse Research survey, when planning a vacation, people are equally as influenced by the recommendations of their friends as they are by where out-of-town friends/family live.

If you’re going to hit the open road for a wedding, reunion or some family fun, here are the things you need to know to have the ultimate family road trip.

Get Ready

  • You know that old saying that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey? Keep that in mind when planning a road trip. It’s not about getting from point A to point B in record time – it’s about enjoying the little things along the way.
  • Do your homework. A little trip prep can go a long way toward getting the family excited about the idea of a road trip. Find a good map, and research general information about your route (see sidebar story for helpful resources). Highlight areas or attractions that appeal to your family’s interests and have pictures ready to show.
  • Hold a family meeting. Get everyone in on the fun by letting the family help plan the trip. Show them what you’ve already found and ask what they want to do on the trip. Consider letting each person be responsible for planning one leg of the trip – from what attractions to see and where to eat, to ideas for things to do in the car. One fun way to explore your options is with Bing. It gives you instant access to the feedback of your Facebook friends who live in your destination area, helping you make a more informed decision.
  • Plan your stops. One of the biggest mistakes road trip rookies make is driving too many miles in one day. Generally speaking, younger children won’t do well being in the car for more than six hours a day. So give yourself plenty of time for breaks by searching for rest stops, picnic grounds and parks along the way. Using Bing also lets you see what attractions your Facebook friends recommend right within your search results.

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