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Before starting this post I would like ask the one question to all the men who are going to read this very useful post which brings out important tips. And the question is – Are men careless?  Short answer is yes.

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I have been blessed to have my father in my life. We are very proactive about his health care. You should be too. Here are a few tips that I have learned dealing with his care.

Here are some fast tips for men to apply now.

Avoid transfoods

– deeply fried foods and also foods made with hydrogenated oils like margarine, peanut butter and pastries contain transfoods which are known to be unhealthy especially for heart. Tip: omega 3 oils found in salmon fish and olive oil are best against heart problem

Exercise regularly

make sure that you regularly do jogging, morning walk, and also you can do aerobics. If you regularly maintain this then you can control several heart problems, over weight problems, obesity, diabetes and lot more.

Caring of your prostrate is important

prostrate cancer is the most common cancer for men, and the following tips will handy for you to avoid this problem.

a) Tomatoes, soy and green tea are known to control prostrate cancer.

b) Anti – oxidant selenium and vitamin E are also found effective.

c) Extracts of two herbs pygeum (Pygeum africanum) and palmetto (Serenoa repens) can cure this problem by improving outflow (sign of prostrate cancer) with no side effects.

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If you saw my dad and I walking down the street you would not know how old he was. Good luck out there. If you have any tips I would love to see them in the comments.