With children out of school for the summer, many parents face an immediate need to find qualified and dedicated child care providers.

That’s why Collaborative for Children, a non-profit organization committed to helping parents find quality child care, is intensifying efforts to make sure parents know what to ask and what to observe when choosing a child care facility.

“Our main goal is to provide parents with the materials, resources and instruction they need when facing decisions about their child’s care and development needs,” said Carol Shattuck, president and CEO of Collaborative for Children.

Shattuck urges parents to check the child care licensing compliance history of every single provider they consider.

“It’s simply a matter of going to our web site and using our new QualiFind tool,” Shattuck said.

Other key considerations for parents seeking a child care provider include:

• When are parents welcome to visit and are they welcome to assist with the child’s adjustment?

• How often do caregivers talk to parents about the child’s progress?

• Is sufficient cleanliness practiced in the center or home, such as with diaper-changing and hand-washing procedures?

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