Mark Halperin is at the top of the news circuit this morning, not for his work as Time magazine’s editor-at-large. Instead, Halperin is at the center of controversy today for using a common term for a man’s penis and directing such a derogatory statement towards President Barack Obama.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe segment, Halperin exclaimed that President Barack Obama was a  d*** yesterday” during the White House news conference.

We’re not sure if Halperin knew or not that his comment would broadcast live, but it’s safe to say that he was bold enough to say it then he should be bold enough to suffer the consequences.

How do you feel about this? Was it completely out of order? What should happen next? Share your thoughts with us below on the message board using your Twitter or Facebook profile.


Time Magazin Editor Calls President Barack Obama a “D***”

Just minutes later, Halperin quickly apologized to the president and viewers for his choice of words. “Joking aside, this is an absolute apology. I shouldn’t have said it. I apologize to the president and the viewers who heard me say that,” Halperin said.


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