Students from the William A. Lawson Institute for Peace and Prosperity Preparatory Academy-Texas Southern University (WALIPP-TSU) will serve as ambassadors for not only the city of Houston but the entire United States as they attend the World Culture Festival in Berlin, Germany, July 2-3.

WALIPP-TSU will send at least five middle school students to the international event designed to promote peace by celebrating diversity. School leaders hope to showcase for the world community the Third Ward institution that has successfully instilled in its students the values of peace and diversity.

Dr. Michon Benson, the school’s principal, also expects student participants to return from Berlin as even better equipped ambassadors of peace.

“At WALIPP students are taught the core value of responding, rather than reacting, with peace,” said Benson. “I want participants to see that these values we learn at school are what good people do all over the world.”

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