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A natural hair style can hold its own, whether you’re caught in a summer rain, splashing in the pool, or racing through the sprinklers. There are many options for beating the summer heat and keeping your natural style in check. From braids to twists to curly freestyle, this summer’s natural hair styles offer simple looks from the board room to the beach.


Whether you wear them conventional or funky, braided styles are simple and long lasting. Cornrows provide the most extended wear of any braid, and the thinner they are the longer they will hold up under normal activity. Try a braided “Mohawk” with the sides braided up into a Mohawk as opposed to shaved. You could also sport a braided ponytail or chignon.

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Twists are easy to do and add a little pizzazz to an otherwise simple “do.” Two-strand twists and Bantu knots allow you to play around a bit with color and style.

Bantu knots twist hair to the head and can be arranged in several different styles that are flattering and chic. Try wearing them in four knots with a side swept bang and geometric parts. “Twist outs” can give you a wavy look and a sustainable hairstyle to beat the summer heat.Wear it free style and add a headband, or pile it on the crown of your head into a loose ponytail. Bantu knots offer an easy transition from one style to another: you can rock the twist for a few days, and then loosen your curls into a mass of perfect coils for a different style.

The bob is back this season, and a great alternative for funky twists. Lighter color dread locks are also hot this year.

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Freestyle curls

If you’re rocking natural curls or waves and looking for a way to beat the summer heat, try a curly upsweep. Gather the hair and twist upward from the base of the neck like a French twist, and secure it with a hair clip or bobby pins. Style your front natural hair curls as normal.

You could also try using different headbands and hairpins to pull the hair away from the face and keep cool.

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Natural Hair Care for Summer

Natural hair may be more carefree, but it is just as vulnerable to damage from the heat, sun, chlorine and salt water. Make sure that you wash your hair after swimming. You should also use a heat protective leave-in conditioner when you’re going to be out in the sun a lot. Deep conditioning treatments and UV moisturizers can also keep your hair looking great. Natural hair is prone to dryness under normal circumstances, so moisturizing is even more important in the summer sun.