If I had been asked as a teenager what my life would look like in my mid-to-late twenties, I would probably have painted a somewhat different picture than what I have going on right now. College grad? Check. Living in New York? Check? Cute boyfriend? Check. Financial stability, a fabulous career and the ability to travel the world? Not so much..

It isn’t that I’m too young to have achieved big things at this point in my life; many of my girlfriends have zoomed past me in terms of professional success, some making big waves in their field and others, simply finding a way to live comfortably doing what they love. And, to be entirely fair, it isn’t that I haven’t done anything of merit; my writing has been featured in a number of great places and I’ve even won a few awards for it.

But I’m just not… settled. Stable. Comfortable. In fact, I’m the opposite of comfortable. You know the feeling of having a little rock in your shoe and you can’t stop and get it out? I’m that, all the time.

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