Who doesn’t like a good bargain? Coupons have long been a savvy bargain hunter’s go-to tool, and today there are more ways than ever to take advantage of the savings they can bring.

Ninety-one percent of women use coupons to get a good deal, according to a national poll from SmartMagazine. And they’re gathering coupons from multiple sources: newspapers, email and snail mail, online, at stores and from mobile phones. There are plenty of deals to be had; you just have to know a few simple tricks to get them.

Here are some tips from the savings mavens at for getting the biggest bang for your buck with coupons:

Finding Coupons

Save the inserts that come with your local newspaper, especially the Sunday editions. Write the date on them and keep them in an expandable file folder.

Bookmark websites that offer online coupons, such as You’ll find printable coupons, e-coupons, promo codes and special deals for brands as well as retail stores.

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