“Love & Hip Hop” just makes me sad. I watched the marathon this weekend  and all I could do was shake my head with sadness at the lengths these women go to and through. It bothers me to see the measures women go through to be famous or date someone in the industry.  I was driven to write the following for each cast member.  For those of you who have not tuned in to the show, it  is about  the escapades of five women  Mashonda Tifrere and Olivia Longott along with Emily Bustamante (Fabulous’ baby mama), Chrissy Lampkin (Jim Jones’ girlfriend), and aspiring rapper Somaya ‘Boss’ Reece.

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The season was just a series of lows. My first issue was Emily Bustamante.  Honey, darling, sweetheart, you are an attractive young woman who is worthy of loving someone who loves you back. I like Fab, don’t get me wrong . I just think you deserve more.  You spent the whole season reasoning why Fabulous was not taking you out in public with him or walking the red carpet with you. Yet, you continues to dress him.  You say everyone knows he has a child but no one knows that you exist.  When are you going to put your foot down and not settle for this type of mistreatment?  How can you be “wifey” at home but in public you’re just the stylist?  You are raising a son and you have to be strong for your son so he’ll know how a woman should be treated.  This relationship, situation, or whatever you want to call it is the reason why women can’t find a good man.  The reason why there are slim pickings.  It starts in the home.  Be an example. I am speaking to you sister to sister … I need you to get it together and get it right. I know there are emotional ties and you do have a child together, but that young lady you are raising needs to see her mother treated as woman should be treated.

Chrissy Lampkin aka Jim Jones ride or die, you my sister need to not shed any more tears. This is a no win situation mama. You will always be damned if you do or damned if you don’t. When you marry somebody you marry their family too. If his mother causes that kind of scene at the engagement party, what will she do at the wedding? Six years is a long time to be dealing with debating whether you are or aren’t going to get married.

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Looking at the reunion all I saw was sadness. There was no happiness on that stage at all.  The argument between Chrissy and Mother Jones was the saddest part of the entire show. You watched a women begging to be respected and regarded and not given that moment. What’s even worse is that it just reminds you that we all like to watch misery. The show was renewed for a second season and I just don’t know why.

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