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Osawatomie High School freshmen took personal finance this year for the first time as a mandatory class under a requirement that sprung from two teachers at the school, Melody Wendt and Beth Stout-Rhine.

After the state dropped the requirement for an advanced computer technology class, the school was looking for a class to fill the space, Wendt said. So she and Stout-Rhine, who teaches the advanced finance class, suggested to Principal Doug Chisam to send all freshmen through personal finance because they thought it was invaluable to all students.

“Everybody needs it,” Stout-Rhine said. “I don’t care if you’re a stay-at-home mom or a plastic surgeon.”

Chisam said he agreed and thought personal finance should be at the forefront for students, citing the current economic situation as an example.

“They’ll be better off in the big picture,” he said.

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