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Happy Monday Saints…

I thought this was a really good thing by President Obama to make a visit to my home town and show suport.

President Obama will fly to Memphis today to meet families displaced by the historic Mississippi River flooding.

As more gates of the massive Morganza Spillway were opened this weekend, the focus of the natural disaster turned away from potential problems of the big cities and centred on drowning small towns.

Mr Obama’s Tennessee visit will also see him meet officials, emergency units and volunteers. It is his second trip to a South disaster site in 17 days – after a tour of tornado-hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

More than 25,000 residents will be affected by the intentional inundation of flood-plain areas – their communities sacrificed for the greater good of larger cities such as New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Police and emergency authorities were moving from house to house, warning people to get out as Mississippi River water gushed into Louisiana’s Cajun country.

Most residents head for higher ground – even in places as yet unaffected, hopeful that the flooding engineered to protect New Orleans and Baton Rouge would be merciful to their way of life.