A young man from New Orleans decided he was tired of living in an obese body. That’s when he used the same skills and determination to lose weight, as he did to build a successful business when he was only 14 years old.

He was only a teenager, yet his weight climbed to nearly 400 pounds.

“It felt like I was carrying another person. It really felt like it. You know, I would see my friends who were much smaller than me and you know here I was, you know with all this weight. You know, it really killed my self esteem,” said Darrin Cook.

Cook was Little Darrin. His father by the same name was Big Darrin. Soon the names were no longer about age difference, but size. Young Darrin became known as Big Darrin.

“People can be cruel. You know, I’m 13 years old (at the time). It really hurt my feelings,” he said sadly.

But today at 225 pounds, Cook is 175 pounds lighter and well on his way to his goal weight of 185 pounds.

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