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If you turn on the television this week at all, you will be deluged with royal wedding news. Having visited the United Kingdom several times I can personally assure you that there are Black people in the UK. Actually, in case you were wondering, there are 1,148,738 to be exact, according to the 2001 Census. They are “loyal royal subjects” in the U.K. They do not have nearly as many ethnic hang ups as we do. As of late there has been a little  bit of an uproar over the appearance in the world that there are none at all. I found that funny enough to chuckle at the people on twitter this morning who were debating this fact.

Yes, as Americans we scratch our heads thinking about the insanity of television programming is revolving around this.  I hate to say this but yes, my brothers and sisters we are citizens of the world. The whole world does not care about who Rihanna may be dating, but the world does care about who could possibly become the next King of England. It is very likely that it will be Prince Harry. Though the monarchy is very much a figure head now, it still matters. It’s about  pomp and circumstance and tradition. Nothing more and nothing less.

It’s a nice tribute to the fact that Prince William has done a great deal for charity that benefits the world. He picked up the mantle from his mother in the supporting and creating charities that train, educate supply medicine and place children in homes. He has dedicated his life to serve children no matter the creed, race or religion. For that reason alone I will be happy to watch Prince William take his bride. It’s not a race thing. It’s a human thing.

That’s why I would rather watch the royal wedding than Rihanna gyrate on a stage. Trust me if Beyonce and Jay had filmed their wedding you would be watching too.? Doubt me?  VH1’s “Lala’s Full Court Wedding” was a smash hit. I assure you African Americans will be tuning in to see it.  We are interested in Royalty. Doubt me? Did anyone watch American Princess? If  not  here is a clip:

When there is a huge African American wedding with television interest the cameras will be there.

Earlier today on the Tom Joyner show this issue was addressed and a heavy debate ensued:

Tell me are you “Royaled” out?

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