This inspiring book was written by a man who spent six years incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. After asking God “Why?” instead of losing hope, he set out on a journey of self discovery. This led to Pit to Palace, the Seven Proven Principles of Ultimate Success.

Success Factor

Find a Successful Example to Follow

Mark Twain once warned to “keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that; the really great can make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

I will be eternally grateful for those I have been able to call role models and mentors. Each one of them has something unique they have deposited into me that makes me the man I am, and aspire to become.

As you will discover, the mentoring relationship can be either formal or informal. A formal situation may be in a group session, where several “mentees” are involved. When it’s informal, there is usually just you and the mentor. While Formal mentoring is highly desirable, nothing can replace a one on one relationship with a mentor who understands your vision and can use their experience and wisdom to help you reach yours.

As I travel all over the country and talk about the issue of seeking out role models, the one question that continues to surface is, “How do you go about finding such a person?” My answer is always the same. Look around you. They may be involved in the field of interest you desire to work in. They may be neighbors, friends, co-workers, or people you have yet to meet.

Take it by force

I cannot stress enough the importance of being fearless in your pursuit of success. Success is not accidental. I will never forget when I picked up my favorite book and read these words. “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. (Matt 11:12). Success is not for the timid. You must be outspoken, even assert a certain swagger of assurance about yourself. What motivates you toward achievement and success? I recall a time when I was a little unsure of myself. A particular Fraternity brother of mine who I went to college with was a year of head of me and I used him as motivation. I constantly told myself, “If he can make it, then surely I can too.” He was an up close example of who I wanted to become. I don’t believe he even knew how tremendously helpful he was to me during that time. Even though I have not been in contact with him since college days, I pray that he will one day read these words and know the impact he had on me. Thank you Trevor Batiste. In this case the role model did not know he had been selected for such an assignment.

Serial Killers

I must warn you though, before you share your hope and dreams with people, choose people of good character who have been successful in the area in which you desire to operate. Once you discover your calling do everything in your power to stay away from negative influences. Pessimistic people are dream destroyers. They most likely have not fulfilled their purpose because of a lack of effort and are now “Serial Killers” of anyone’s dream they come in contact with. When you meet such an individual, always speak positively, but guard your idea from them. Whatever plans you share for your future, they will discourage you from doing- giving every possible reason why your idea will fail and not succeed. Treat them with love and prayer. Remember, we are to “follow those who through faith and patience inherit the Kingdom of God”

Darrell Barnes Millionaire Minded Barnes

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