Some people in the Albany, New York area, are trying to get local officials to force the removal of billboards that show gay black men in a church, with a family, and on a basketball court.

The church billboard says: “I am gay, and this is where I pray.” The gay man in the picture is standing with a supportive minister.

Schenectady city councilman James Allen said the message might confuse single moms, according to the Times-Union.

“This kind of billboard is putting the stamp of approval on a gay lifestyle,” Allen said.

“It’s directly against God’s word and what God hates, I hate,” said Pastor Richard Parsons of Consecration Temple Church of God Christ.

The billboards are all over the Albany-Schenectady area, and local officials said they are protected by free speech.

The billboards are being sponsored by an Albany-based group, “In Our Own Voices.” Whats your thoughts?