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*And the war against gay marriage still wages with another tally mark for the conservatives on the issue. Black churches helped defeat another gay marriage bill in the state of Maryland.

What was clear from the debate in the Maryland General Assembly is that while gays and their supporters push so-called “marriage equality” as a civil right; most Black lawmakers do not agree.

The African American legislators made it clear that their opposition was being driven in major part by the Black religious community. Baltimore Delegate Cheryl Glenn summed up the position saying:

“The Black churches have never asked us for anything, and they are asking us now, ‘don’t do this [legalize gay marriage].’”

Prince George’s County Delegate Jay Walker added, “I cannot vote against my base.”

The Black church has been criticized in the midst of it all, but a recent survey found that 72 percent of Blacks oppose gay marriage.

Despite the shut down, gay marriage supporters plan to push the bill again next year.