Happy Thursday Saints

Everyone is talking about the new I-Pad.. Yup six months after the orginally one comes out the “newer/More Improved version comes out”.

This got me to thinking. Was the I-Pad already out when the 1st one came out? Are the feeding us technology slowly because we’d abuse or misuse it? maybe we aren’t ready for whats really out there.

Ok with my questions my point: I was looking at the 1987 Move back II the future part 2 and, I saw some stuff in the movie that we actually use today.

In thise scene Marty McFly was on the PHONE (looking at the TV) with his boss who was about to fire him. Look closely and tell me what he’s looking at

Now Look again… ISN’T THIS A FLAT SCREEN TV!!!! wait but the movie was made in 1987.. Even before the big screen. Wait… isn’t that P.I.P (Picture In Picture)

ok ok ok .. You are like wow right!!! How about this one

This show is in Foot Locker and other shoes stores for 149.99.

Things that make you go hmmmm. I guessing that the I-pad (3) whenever it does come out becomes I-TV or has a phone option…ummm so you don’t need you cell phone anymore!

What do you think?

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