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If you’re wondering just how did Jennifer Hudson prepare for her role as Winnie Mandela, she went to jail!

She did a five day stint in solitary confinement in an African prison, which was just enough for her. Becoming Winnie has been a strenuous and emotional process.

“As a woman, I am angry for her, hurting for her,” she adds, “And as a mom? God, being in solitary confinement, away from my son just for five days when shooting those scenes – it was too much for me. I was drained and stripped down. I was changed.”

“Her hair was tangled, her eyes sunken, and she started having imaginary conversations with her son,” says Newsweek.

Also, as we reported, Hudson will be co staring in “Winnie” alongside Terrence Howard. And, as we reported, she’ll also be presenting at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.