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Every day I coach women who are waiting for more time, waiting for children to grow up, waiting to get married or waiting for some person, place or thing outside of themselves to make their dreams come to fruition. When I ask why not go after their dreams NOW, the number one answer is that they work full time.

Well, I guess this depends on how you look at things; it’s the glass half full or half empty scenario. Maybe your job is in the way OR maybe it could be a blessing to test out the inconsistency of a new business while you have the consistency of a steady job. In the book, “Hustle While You Work,” the author Hotep, asserts that “Your job is not an obstacle in the way of your entrepreneurial dream; your job is THE WAY to your entrepreneurial dream.” Now, there’s something we don’t hear much of!

I am a firm believer that had we all been taught how to hustle while we worked, the economy may have undergone the same large setbacks, but many of us would not have been affected the same. Far more people could have perhaps sustained mortgages, car notes and college tuition just a little longer had their dependence not been on just one stream of income. Maybe if we were taught more about creating passive income (income that does not come from active participation in a business) or multiple streams of income (income from more than one source) instead of this “go to college, get a job” nonsense, we’d be much further along as a country.

In addition to already having a full-time job, here are the remaining excuses, eh, reasons, many won’t hustle while they work:

1. The NO time excuse. Remember the last time someone broke up with you because of your “time” issues. Didn’t that conversation start out with, “You make time for the things you want to make time for?” Well, BOOM! Here it is again! Yes, when you really want to make something happen, you MAKE time, you don’t “find” time as if it were hiding behind a corner or under a mattress somewhere. Most of us could “find” time if we’d turn off the Real Housewives of (fill in your pleasure), limit our Facebook and internet surfing and stopped complaining and whining about all the stuff we wish we had time to do.

If you’d get focused and organize and prioritize your daily activities, you could easily begin to hustle while you work!

2. The “All the good ideas are gone” lie. Simply put, I’m not buying it. I believe that we are all born to fulfill some purpose in life. We each our blessed with unique gifts, talents and abilities to bring to the marketplace. No one is saying that your big idea has to be the next Facebook!


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