• QUICK BIO: Sabrina’s 2011 Season will include fishing the Bassmaster Central Opens, IFBBA tournament Trail, Women’s Bass Division tournament Trail, and the new Ladies Bass Anglers Association Tournamen
Sabrina Thompson lives in Humble Texas and she is a Pro-Angler. Yes I fish for a living! I am currently the Vice President of the “International Federation of “Black Bass” Anglers” ( I am a “Certified Angler Instructor” for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Division. I was recently featured in a documentary filmed by the award winning “Urban American Outdoors Show” based in Kansas City, MO. with show host Wayne Hubbard about African Americans and their contributions to the world of outdoor sports. I have fished such circuits as the Women’s Bassmaster Tour, IFBBA Diversity Tours, Quad State Tournaments and I will be fishing the B.A.S.S./ESPN Bassmaster Central Open that will be launching the 2011 season on Lake Lewisville, near Dallas TX. In the 43 year history of B.A.S.S./ESPN Bassmaster Tournaments, on February 24-26, I will be making history as the First African American Woman to ever fish the Bassmaster Opens. I am very excited about this and for it to happen during “Black History” month just really add to my excitement! Now this may not be news to you, but It is such a very important milestone because the IFBBA along with millions of other women and minority anglers have been trying to get the fishing industry vendors to recognize us as a legitimate demographic that are purchasing their products, while they continuously omit us from their commercials, ads and sponsorship programs.

We at the IFBBA, have been on a mission of Diversity since 1995, when we started out with 8 members (7 men 1 woman) and have now grown to a membership of 188,000 strong worldwide. With members in Countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, South Africa, Spain and Italy.

I invite you, and your entire listening audience to come out and witness history in the making on February 24, 2011 as I launch my boat becoming the first African American Woman to pierce the armor of an organization that historically only catered to that “Good Ole Boy” network!!


  • BIO:

Sabrina Thompson developed her love of the outdoors when she was a child as a member of the “Girl Scout”. From Brownie Scout to Cadet while she was earning her badges she developed certain skills that she carried into her adulthood where she passed these skills on to her children. But, she didn’t learn to fish until she was in her early twenties.

Her children decided that they wanted to learn how to fish. Their father and uncle, who were both avid fishermen, had suggested that she learn with the children. She decided to overcome her fears for the sake of her children, and learn how to fish.

And overcome her fears she did. She developed a love for fishing that soon turned into her passion. And after spending many years developing her techniques and unique style, teaching not only her children but other children, did she decide to turn it into a career.

Sabrina moved to Texas along with her best friend, husband and biggest supporter Ricky Thompson, in 2006. Sabrina and Ricky enjoy riding side by side around Houston on their motorcycles. Sabrina also enjoys country music. But her passion still remains bass fishing. She immediately became a “Certified Angler Instructor” for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and began teaching women and children the basics of fishing. They started a non-profit organization “Texas Wrangling Anglers” were they travel across the country teaching women and children the basics of fishing. She holds workshops around the state that offer women and children a chance to learn outdoor skills in a fun and supportive atmosphere. She feels it very important for every woman to have the opportunity to learn fishing and appreciation for the outdoors. She is trying to introduce the sport of fishing to those who are not always privileged to this information. In 2007 she join a group called the “Nature Heritage Society” were she became the program coordinator for the “Women in Nature” program. She has worked with the Houston Parks and Recreations, Pearland Parks and Recreations, Brazos Bend State Park and Keith Weiss Park. She has taught groups of kids numbering anywhere from groups of 10 to 80 children at one time.

In 2008 she turned Pro and became a competing member of the B.A.S.S/ESPN “Women Bassmaster Tour” until it was canceled in January 2010. In 2009, Sabrina’s unique style and presence came to the attention of the International Federation of Black Bass Angler’s CEO, Arthur Bronson, who immediately seized the opportunity to practice the organizations vision of diversity among anglers worldwide. He immediately recruited Sabrina. In 2010 Sabrina was installed as Vice President of the International Federation of Black Bass Anglers, with the blessings and support of Hans Lindique of South Africa who held the position for many years.

Sabrina has been the guest speaker on Women’s Sports Talk Show radio, Texas Fish & Game sports talk show with Chester Moore, Fish Bait Radio with James Smith, Interview for the Urban American Outdoors Television Show, will be the guest of Host John Fox on the Senior Outdoorsman, set to start filming in October 2010.

September 24, 2010 Sabrina received a “Perspective” award for Women in the Outdoors from the award winning television show “Urban Americans Outdoors” presented to her by Host Wayne Hubbard and News Anchorman Roy Hobb, during the “American Outdoors Summit” in Kansas City, MO. They were also filming a new documentary about the outdoors were Sabrina was included highlighting her contributions to the outdoor sports of professional angling.

Sabrina will be competing in the Bassmaster Central Opens in 2011 and is currently a member and competes in circuits such as, B.A.S.S., IFBBA Diversity Tournaments, Quad State, Fishing Traditions and LBAA.

Sabrina is Sponsored by, Tuscaroran Pro Lures, Mercury Marine, WaveSpin Reels and Ko-Man-Chi Baits .

Sabrina continues to encourage all women to live their dreams and stay true to themselves.

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