1. Lasagna

Whether it’s a piled high Italian Lasagna Bolognese or an Italian American classic, tucking into a rich and satisfying lasagna is fantastic after a day building a hunger on the slopes or in the snow. It also has that great fill-up-the-house with lasagna aroma thing going for it.

2. Chili

It’s hard to top a bowl of Texas Chili covered slightly with melting cheddar cheese – Especially when you’ve been smelling it percolate all afternoon while watching the NFL playoffs and ignoring the snow outside.

Roasting-A Simple Art

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3. Prime Rib

Served medium rare, with homemade Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, carrots, a good simple gravy and a pungent horseradish – I might buy myself a plane ticket for this meal…

4. A Roasted Bird

Turkey if you’re feeding a crowd, chicken or duck for smaller affairs, doing a whole roasted bird is such a dead easy way to a fantastic and special dinner. It smells great and there is something so homey and “family” about carving a whole bird at the Sunday table. So easy too…

5. Creamy Root Vegetable Soups

Winter is the season for root cellar veg, and smooth as silk pureed soups are a great way to ease into a family meal.

A Great Winter Soup Recipe

•Creamy Sweet Potato Soup. A Few Good Ingredients and…

Although I spent a lot longer cooking up the turkey and all the sides for this year’s Christmas dinner, it was this simple soup that I served as a starter that won the most praise. And it is very good. A…

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6. Crème Brule

Not something you want on a hot summer evening, the sheer indulgence of Crème Brule is perfect for a February night, months away from thoughts of a beach body!

7. Any Kind of Pot Roast

Pot roast has a bad (and undeserved) reputation as something dry and bland and cafeteriaesque…but pot roast prepared correctly is fall-apart succulent and so very flavorful. Read Molly Smith’s seminal book on Braising to get more ideas on pot roasting, but you just can’t go to far wrong with a winter braise.

•6 Steps to Delicious Braised Dishes. Easy Tips and T…

Easy tips and tricks for better braised dishes. How to make pot roast or short ribs tase as good as they smell – every time!

•4 easy steps to great pot roast every time!

Nothing beats the homey mouthwatering aromas of a pot roast percolating in the oven on a crisp day…permeating the house with the promise of a great, succulent and fall apart tender meal to come!…

•Simple and delicious pork confit. Outstanding confit…

photo credit: A very simple pork confit Confit of pork is pretty sinful. Taking a fatty cut of pork and braising it very slowly in its own rendered lard isn’t going to qualify…

8. Confit of Duck or Pork

If you have never confited a leg of duck or a slab of pork belly, you are missing out on one of the greatest of culinary joys.

Confiting is very easy, beginner easy, and what you get after a slow day at the oven is always fantastic! The meats are fall-off-the bone tender and flavorful and great eaten as is or used as a supporting player in countless other recipes.

It’s an original European winter food that stands the test of time and deserves a place in your modern kitchen.

9. Any Sort of Beef Stew with Red Wine

There is nothing in this world that beats the smell of beef braising slowly in red wine on a cold day – Nothing.

10. Yellow Split Pea Soup

Rich with pink meat from the ham bone, it’s unthinkable to eat this soup in any season but winter, and unthinkable to think of winter without yellow split pea soup.